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Welcome To The New York Avenue church of Christ

Our members enjoy greeting our guests and making them feel at home as much as possible. We want you to have a good place to park your vehicle, a warm greeting when you come through the door, information about classes and worship, and, yes, even where the rest rooms are located. We'll do our best not to embarrass you. We hope you will feel free to ask questions and pick up any tracts of interest. We want you to be comfortable enough to ask questions about anything you hear or see during our Bible classes or worship service. If you ask questions that pertain to the Bible, we will do our best to give you an answer that you may read for yourself out of your own Bible. One of our goals is to help people get into the Word of God. We want our Bible classes to be just that - Bible classes. We want our sermons to be right out of His word. We want you to be challenged to act more like Jesus, love more like Jesus, think more like Jesus and when all is said and done, live with Jesus eternally. When someone wants to become a Christian, we only ask that he or she does what those did in the book of Acts to become a Christian. Then, we urge everyone to live according to the pattern given us in the New Testament, to walk in the light and so enjoy the continual spiritual cleansing. This salvation includes being an active and growing member in the spiritual body of Christ, His church.