Dr. Bill Keele, Evangelist   Randy Carroll, Family Minister


Dr. Bill Keele and his wife, Kay, came to work with the New York Avenue church of Christ in March of 2006. Brother Keele has served as evangelist for churches in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Brother Keele has attended Fort Worth Christian College, Oklahoma Christian University, Harding University and Abilene Christian University. He and his wife, Kay, have developed a fifteen month Leadership Program designed to help equip men and their wives to serve as elders and in other leadership roles. He has conducted workshops on Anger Management, Marriage and Family, and Church Leadership. His first love is local church work.

Statement Of Preaching Philosophy
“The Bible, specifically the New Testament, is our guide in matters of faith and practice. It is a pattern for worship and organization in the local church. With book, chapter and verse, we find God’s plan of salvation, His plan for the church, and the revealing of His wonderful grace and mercy made available through the blood of Christ. We want to do our best to be the church as described in the New Testament.”


Family Involvement Minister

Randy, his wife Brianna and their three children joined the New York Avenue church of Christ in August 2011. Most recently Randy spent 10 years working with the church in Dresden, Germany. During those years brother Carroll developed his preaching and teaching skills in the local congregation, as well as regional retreats for various groups. He and his wife also developed programs geared to help families grow closer together and grow closer to God. Randy completed degrees from Oklahoma Christian University focused on the family which solidified his dedication to defending the importance of the family in the church and in society.

Statement Of Family Ministry Philosophy
“Steadfast faithful families need a solid biblical foundation for their personal Faith, open communication and trust within the Family and strong ties to the family of God through consistent Fellowship. With Faith, Family and Fellowship we can make an impact in the world by letting God’s love shine through our families.”